Zoom Help for iPhone / iPad Users

Installing Zoom

By Garrards Webinars

If you don't have zoom and need to install it onto your phone, please click this link or the button below:

Updating Zoom

By Garrards Webinars

If you just need to update zoom, please follow these steps.

Other information about the Garrards Roadshow Connect+ Webinars

By Garrards Webinars

To access the Garrards Roadshow Connect+ 2020 Webinars:
The front screen will be available from 7.30am.
For most, especially if using a computer, simply clicking on the link will take you there.
Please be aware that you have a unique code that can only be used once, you cannot connect multiple devices using the same code.

Once you reach the site, you will be placed in a ‘waiting room’ where you are manually entered into the meeting (like us welcoming you at the door at a Roadshow).
It may take a few minutes, please be patient – even though this is digital format we still have a lot of preparation to do in the studio.
Once you are in, please feel free to go and make breakfast and grab a coffee – make you feel that you are really at a Roadshow!
From about 10 to 8 you will see the presenters joining the meeting. They are likely to talk amongst themselves – you will hear and see them – as they test their video and sound links.

During the meeting you can ask questions using the tab at the base of the screen.

Note the Q&A button. These questions will be answered after the presentations.
As with all Roadshows, each of the suppliers has promotions. To participate you will need to quote the code for the day when placing your order.
Orders must be placed the day of the Roadshow and can be placed over the phone, by email, through Garrards Shop or in person.

If you have problems accessing the Webinar.
Some devices require the Zoom app to be installed – others do it automatically when you click on the link.
After detailed testing we have found the easiest way to access the meeting is to install the app then go back to your email and click on your unique code.
Do not try to access directly from the app.